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Five Birding Hot Spots in Saint John

Saint John birders enjoy the benefits of living near several large marshes, the mighty St. John River, and the rocky cliffs along the Bay of Fundy. The shape of the Bay results in the highest tides in the world and a wealth of nutrients for marine mammals and sea birds. The coastal marshes provide refuge for migrating waterfowl and nesting areas for summer residents. Since the Bay of Fundy and the lower St. John River never freeze, many species of waterfowl spend the winter in the protected bays within the city limits. In spring and fall, the cliffs along the Bay of Fundy provide corridors for migrating songbirds. Visitors and local birders always check the five sites listed below during the seasons noted.

Eileen Pike has developed a birding hot spot guide for the Greater Saint John Region, and it may be found by clicking here (a new window will open).

Click here to see a map of the sites (will open in a new window).

NatureNB List Service (ListServ)

Hosted by the University of New Brunswick, you can browse through the NatureNB ListServ archives to learn more about sightings throughout New Brunswick, back as early as April 1996.

NB Wildlife Wonders - presented by NB Wildlife Trust Fund

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Savannah Sparrow
Savannah Sparrow
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