Our Web Philosophy

Welcome to our website.

We created this site to provide information about the Saint John Naturalists' Club to its members and guests. On a regular basis, we will post information about our programs and activities, links to similar sites, and photos by our members.

Our policies on using the site and how we treat you, our visitor, are simple.

First, we don't collect any information about you, we don't store any cookies on your PC, and any information you do provide to us by email will be kept strictly confidential -- just as if you had mailed it to us.

We have some links to other sites, and we can't guarantee that they'll always work.  Please let us know if there are any that are broken that we haven't noticed. 

If you do click on a link that takes you to another site, remember that the other site has its own privacy and usage policy, and it may be different from ours.  We aren't responsible for the content -- or the behaviour -- of those sites, so please keep that in mind and always surf safely.

The copyrights for any pictures or commentary we publish on this site belong to the photographer or author who created it.  If you like something you see and would like to use it for any reason (commercially or personally), please contact us and we'll forward your request on to the owner.

If we've used material that you think belongs to someone else, please let us know and we'll remove it promptly.  If we've published a picture that has you in it, or a commentary that mentions your name or other personal information without your approval -- and you prefer we didn't -- once again please let us know and we'll remove it promptly.

Any questions or feedback may be forwarded to info@saintjohnnaturalistsclub.org.